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Introducing Advisian’s newly appointed Principals

 13 March 2017

Adapt. Innovate. Thrive.

To make a positive difference in the world requires a workforce committed to delivering differentiated solutions.

Following continued growth in our Asia Pacific Region, Advisian is proud to announce the appointment of eight new Principals, who along with over 2700 professionals globally, are dedicated to delivering superior outcomes for our clients.

Congratulations to our newly appointed Principals:

  • Tasman GrahamPrincipal, QLD, NT & PNG Branch Manager and Global Environment & Society Lead

  • Anna Wen - Principal

  • Conor Marley - Principal, Asia Pacific Chemicals Sector Lead and Operations Excellence Service Line Lead

  • Craig Robinson - Principal

  • Kerryl Bradshaw - Principal, Western Australia Branch Manager and Asia Pacific Minerals & Metals Sector Lead

  • Peter Mann - Principal

  • Matthew Robinson - Principal and Director Energy and Water, Asia Pacific

  • Ian Taylor - Principal

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