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Who we are

Remarkable Rehabilitation Project for Sierra Leone

Guma Dam


Advisian is pleased to be part of the team working with the UK Department for International Development (DFID) to rehabilitate the water network in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Working as part of a client team, Advisian is providing programme management advice and expertise to DFID and the Guma Valley Water Company to execute the project.

Principal Consultant Mike Eytle, who is managing Advisian’s support to the client for the duration of the 28 month long project, said, “We are helping DFID to design innovative delivery, procurement and contract strategies which will deliver reliable access to water for 600,000 people in Freetown. It’s quite a remarkable project."

Main water transmission line bringing drinking water to Freetown 

“This [image] is the main water transmission line bringing drinking water to Freetown. It was broken for four days whilst engineers from the Guma Valley Water Company fixed it. Four days without the main water supply to the country’s capital city. That’s pretty significant.” Advisian is working alongside DFID, the Government of Sierra Leone, Guma, and the contractor team from IMC Worldwide, Atkins and BAM on the entire programme of infrastructure works.

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